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1 AK All data False Total tests are taken from the annotations on the charts on the page. Negatives = (Totals – Positives)Positives occasionally update before totals do; do not revise negatives down, keep the last calculated negative.Last Updated (Local Time) = (today's date + time = 00:00) 2 Alaska 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00
2 AL No data False Negatives = (Totals - Positives) Positives occasionally update before totals do; do not revise negatives down, keep the last calculated negative.Last Updated (Local Time) = (current date + time = 00:00) 1 Alabama 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00
3 AR All data True   5 Arkansas 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00
4 AS No Data False Our data comes from a press release [from 5/1]( 60 American Samoa 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00
5 AZ All data False Dashboard now has a new tab that details total tested. Negative = Total - Positive.We do not currently track it, but hospitalization and ICU data is available from [Maricopa County]( and [Pima County]( 4 Arizona 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00
6 CA Only positives False California has been inconsistent in its timing of reporting. We used faster-updating sources until 4/1, when we standardized on its [new data dashboards]( This led to a drop in cases and deaths, as the state's data lags county sources. The state reported a huge batch of negative tests on April 4 and again on April 22. As of April 22, California now reports specimens tested instead of people tested. Because some people may be tested more than once, this number is probably higher than the number of people tested. 6 California 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00
7 CO   Positives + Negatives False Negative = People Tested - Cases. Cases include people who test positive for COVID-19 AND people who have symptoms of COVID-19 and are a close contact to someone who tested positive. As of April 27, Colorado is reporting people tested. 8 Colorado 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00
8 CT   All data False Negative = Total - Positive. Positives occasionally update before totals do; we do not revise negatives down, keep the last calculated negative. 9 Connecticut 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00
9 DC   All data False Positive and Negative include both public and commercial labs. As of April 27, District of Columbia is reporting people tested. 11 District Of Columbia 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00
10 DE   All data True As of April 27, Delaware is reporting people tested.On April 11, Delaware revised down negatives from 10415 to 9624 10 Delaware 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00
11 FL All data True We report using the raw data provided by FDOH but we include both Florida residents and non-residents.On March 26, the dashboard stopped including non-residents in its visible counts, but they're still tracked behind the scenes. On March 21, negatives jumped due to a methodology change: tests of people not investigated as PUIs are now included. As of April 27, Florida reports specimens tested because some people may be tested more than once, this number may be higher than the number of people tested. 12 Florida 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00
12 GA Only positives False Positive includes deaths. Positives occasionally update before totals.We use the state's "as of" time as our Update Time. As of April 27, Georgia is reporting people tested. 13 Georgia 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00
13 GU All Data False On May 4, Guam adjusted cases down from 150 to 149 because they found that the case was double counted, number of recovered was also adjusted down because 7 people were returned to isolation.Guam's counts include 11 people tested at the San Diego naval base. 66 Guam 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00
14 HI Only positives False Data now pulled from their [new Dashboard Project]( 15 Hawaii 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00
15 IA   All data False Not all commercial labs report negatives to Iowa, as per their guidance. As of April 27, Iowa is reporting people tested. 19 Iowa 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00
16 ID   All data True Negative = Totals - Positives. Positives sometimes update before totals do. Total includes Oregon residents tested in Idaho. As of April 24, Idaho separately reports both probable and confirmed cases. 16 Idaho 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00
17 IL   All data False Illinois counts deaths in positives. 17 Illinois 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00
18 IN   Only positives False Negative = Total – Positive. Negatives are a lower bound, and may not include all private labs. As of April 27, Indiana is reporting people tested. 18 Indiana 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00
19 KS All data False On April 23rd, Kansas reported 112 deaths. On April 24th, they revised this down to 111 deaths. 20 Kansas 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00
20 KY All data False Negative = Total - Positive.Positives sometimes update before totals do; when this happens, we keep the last calculated negative. [4/11 - Currently Hospitalized, Cumulative Hospitalized, Currently in ICU, Cumulative in ICU, Recovered]( As of April 27, Kentucky is reporting people tested. 21 Kentucky 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00
21 LA   Only positives False Total = State Lab + Commercial Lab, Negative = Total - PositiveFrom 4/20 through 4/24 LA paused reporting commercial testing data to do a review of the data 22 Louisiana 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00
22 MA   Only positives True Positives include results from the CDC. Total tested includes repeat testing on individuals. State lab numbers are as of 8 am, other lab numbers are as of 11:30 am. Commercial lab numbers are subject to change. As of 4/20, Cumulative Hospitalized + ICU includes both confirmed and suspected cases. 25 Massachusetts 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00
23 MD   All data False Didn't report negatives between 3/12 and 3/28. 24 Maryland 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00
24 ME   Only positives False Maine does not report total tests. Negative tests are updated weekly on Wednesdays, reflecting Maine CDC’s weekly publishing schedule for negative results. As of April 27, Maine is reporting people tested. 23 Maine 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00
25 MI,9753,7-406-98163_98173---,00.html,9753,7-406-98159-523641--,00.html All data True Michigan has reported each day's negative results since 3/10 but has never totaled them. We sum all the negative results and report the total. Michigan reports specimens tested instead of people tested. Recovered counts are updated once a week. On 4/26 we mistakenly entered the total number of tests in place of the total number of negative results: we are fixing this issue. 26 Michigan 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00
26 MN   All data False Since 3/23, Negative = Total - Positive. 27 Minnesota 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00
27 MO Only positives False Negative = Total - Positive. As of April 27, Missouri is reporting people tested. 29 Missouri 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00
28 MP   No Data False   69 Northern Mariana Islands 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00
29 MS,0,420.html,0,420.html   Only positives False Negatives = Total - Positives.Hospitalizations are calculated by calculating multiplying % of hospitalized times total cases, pending clarification from the state. Recoveries are estimated, and updated twice weekly. As of April 27, Mississippi is reporting people tested. 28 Mississippi 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00
30 MT All data True Negative = Total - Positive. The dashboard says that the data "as-of" is from the day previous - in this case we use current date + time = 0:00 30 Montana 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00
31 NC   Only positives False Negative = Total tests* - total positives (where total tests include all data from public labs and partial data from hospital and commercial labs). 37 North Carolina 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00
32 ND   All data True As of May 2, North Dakota is reporting people tested. 38 North Dakota 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00
33 NE   All data False The count of 56 on 4/27 included a death erroneously entered into NE’s electronic system. NE removed it from the total count on 4/28We do not currently track it, but partial hospitalization data are available from [Douglas County]( 31 Nebraska 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00
34 NH   All data False On May 4, NH revised the recovered down from 1107 to 1017. Negative count is from the four largest labs. Pending count is from the Public Health Laboratories only. As of April 27, New Hampshire is reporting people tested. 33 New Hampshire 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00
35 NJ All data False Positive count includes deaths. Hospitalization + ICU counts include both positive cases and persons under investigation. As of April 27, New Jersey is reporting people tested. 34 New Jersey 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00
36 NM   All data False [Hospitalization from NMDH]( Hospitalization count is people in New Mexico hospitals: it includes people who tested positive out of state but are hospitalized in New Mexico, and excludes New Mexicans who tested positive in state and transferred to a hospital out of state. As of April 27, New Mexico is reporting people tested. 35 New Mexico 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00
37 NV All data False Individual data fields have different update times; we use the latest as our "Last Update" time. Hospitalizations, ICU bed usage, and ventilator usage are reported as a percentage of total capacity in daily situation reports, but total capacity is not published, so we do not estimate those numbers. As of May 6, Nevada is reporting both specimens and people tested. We report positives and negatives based on the number of people tested. 32 Nevada 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00
38 NY Only positives False Numbers come from [press conference]( Recovered = discharged. As of April 27, New York is reporting people tested. Cumulative hospitalized and recovered are calculated using the 3 day average change in hospitalization benchmarked from April 12. 36 New York 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00
39 OH All data False Ohio now publishes detailed [Key Metrics]( 39 Ohio 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00
40 OK   All data False [Executive Order Reports]( reported [comprehensive test results]( on 4/6. We exclude "Positive (Out-of-State)" results, as we assume these are isolated outside the state.As of April 27, Oklahoma is reporting specimens tested. Because some people may be tested more than once, this number is probably higher than the number of people tested. 40 Oklahoma 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00
41 OR!/vizhome/OregonHealthAuthorityCOVID-19DataDashboard/COVID-19EPIConfirmed?:display_count=y&:toolbar=n&:origin=viz_share_link&:showShareOptions=false All data True Total includes Oregon & Montana residents tested in Idaho. As of April 27, Oregon is reporting people tested. 41 Oregon 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00
42 PA Only positives False County level data may differ from the state totals. We are not adding deaths back into positives. As of April 27, Pennsylvania is reporting people tested. 42 Pennsylvania 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00
43 PR No Data False Death counts include both confirmed and presumed COVID deaths.When it is reported, we add inconclusive results to pending.Positive counts reflect individual who test positive, combining both molecular and serological tests.Negative counts haven't been reported since 4/23. Working to get numbers back 72 Puerto Rico 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00
44 RI   All data False Recovered numbers are from hospital discharges. 44 Rhode Island 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00
45 SC All data True Hospitalization and Recovery Rate come from demographic data released every Tuesday and Friday afternoon. 45 South Carolina 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00
46 SD   All data False   46 South Dakota 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00
47 TN Only positives False Tennessee now provides positive and negative test results from all laboratories. On April 5, the state reported a decline in recoveries. As of April 27, Tennessee is reporting people tested. 47 Tennessee 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00
48 TX Only positives False   48 Texas 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00
49 UT Only positives False Positive count includes non-Utah residents. Negative = Total - Positive. According to the state, negative test results may lag for up to 72 hours, and recovered persons is estimated by cases whose first positive laboratory test was reported at least 21 days ago, excluding deaths. As of April 27, Utah is reporting people tested. 49 Utah 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00
50 VA Positives + Negatives True Virginia hospitalization statistics from [Hospital dashboard]( We assume the count "hospitalized in the ICU" includes the count "currently on a ventilator." Cumulative Hospitalized is computed from currently hospitalized + discharged on the Virginia Hospitals dashboard. As of April 27, Virginia is reporting people tested. 51 Virginia 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00
51 VI Positives Only False Virgin Islands: Positive, Negative, and Pending provided. 78 US Virgin Islands 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00
52 VT   Positives + Negatives True Negative = (Total Tested - Positives). VT reports both Currently Hospitalized (implicitly, confirmed cases only) and Hospitalized Under Investigation. For Currently Hospitalized, we sum these two numbers. As of May 2, Vermont is reporting people tested. 50 Vermont 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00
53 WA Positives + Negatives True Washington reports confirmed cases, laboratory tests, and deaths as of the previous day. WA did not report new negative test results between March 31 and April 15.On April 18, data cleaning removed 190 confirmed cases that were discovered to be out of state residents tested in WA labs. As of April 27, Washington is reporting people tested. 53 Washington 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00
54 WI   All data False Negatives include only Wisconsin residents whose negative test results were reported electronically to DHS. This underestimates total negative test results. Deaths must be reported by health providers or coroners, and recorded by local health departments, to be counted. As of April 27, Wisconsin is reporting people tested. On March 30, WI revised down negatives from 16550 to 15856. 55 Wisconsin 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00
55 WV   All data False Negatives = Totals - Positives. As of April 16, WV reports hospitalization + ICU + ventilator counts from 49 of 55 counties. Before April 16, those counts were unreliable -- based on reported percentages of completed investigations, an unpublished number. 54 West Virginia 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00
56 WY No data False Negatives = Total - Positive.The week of April 6, WY began separating confirmed & suspected cases; we now report only confirmed. From April 7 to April 13, our recovered count may be slightly high, as WY combined recovered confirmed cases + recovered probable cases. On April 22, total tests were revised down, resulting in a decrease in negatives. 56 Wyoming 2020-05-13T05:15:01+00:00

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