Data provided by Big Local News. Data from the National Health Security Preparedness Index. The overall index is useful for examining a state’s readiness in dealing with any number of issues. There also are specific metrics that directly relate to states’ abilities to respond to the Coronavirus pandemic. With that in mind, we have pulled out and processed key metrics -- from preparedness for surge testing to evaluating how many people in each state have access to paid time off. Our goal is to make it easier for journalists to access and analyze for their reporting. For more information, please start with the NHSPI_READ_ME file. Questions? Contact

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Year, Data Dates, State, Per_lhd_emgncy_coord

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Year, Data Dates, State, AIIR_per_capita

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Year, Data Dates, State, Per_employed_w_pto

306 rows


Year, Data Dates, State, Surge_testing_capability

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obsid, Year, Item Name, Item Type, Item Status, Relevant Domain, Relevant Subdomain, Item Name, Item Description...

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obsid, index, item_code, domain_code, domain_name, domain_description, subdomain_code, subdomain_name, subdomain_description...

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