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UHJvamVjdDo1YzU3ZTY1NS03YzJmLTRlZTUtOGI0My05YzVmYzY5YmFkOTU= 2020-04-10T22:15:39.540617+00:00 Big Local News snapshots this data once a day from The Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering. These are time series reports which provide cases, deaths and recovered for global locations as well as United States counties. Each file covers from Jan 22 to the present. For the United States there is one file for cases and one for deaths. For the global locations, there is one file for cases, one for deaths and one for recovered cases. The entire set of CSV files are refreshed daily. The zipped archives contain previous time series reports and are date stamped when they were uplaoded by Big Local News. Please cite Johns Hopkins University as described in the README. 1 Johns Hopkins COVID data - time series 2020-12-03T05:30:41.785000+00:00  
UHJvamVjdDo1ZDlhNThmNy0wYTEzLTRlNzgtODk0OC1lNTBhM2I0NjMyNjY= 2020-09-26T00:25:09.109179+00:00 In collaboration with The Seattle Times, Big Local News is providing full-text nursing home deficiencies from Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). These files contain the full narrative details of each nursing home deficiency cited regulators. The files include deficiencies from Standard Surveys (routine inspections) and from Complaint Surveys. Complete data begins January 2011 (although some earlier inspections do show up). Individual states are provides as CSV files. A very large (4.5GB) national file is also provided as a zipped archive. New data will be updated on a monthly basis. For additional documentation, please see the README. 1 CMS-Nursing-Home-Full-Deficiencies 2020-10-01T16:05:42.614000+00:00  
UHJvamVjdDo2YjJiYjVhOS00OTAzLTRkMDItYTU4MS00NjI0NzIyNTFkNmQ= 2020-05-06T18:47:54.458224+00:00 Data provided by Big Local News includes hospital staffing aggregated by U.S. metropolitan area and states. Compiled from the American Hospital Association (AHA) 2018 Annual Survey, the data provides counts for medical residents/interns, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, respiratory therapists and some physicians. Please cite the data source as: American Hospital Association 2018 Annual Survey provided via Big Local News. See the README file for additional details and data definitions. 1 AHA_Staffing 2020-08-24T00:27:34.669440+00:00  
UHJvamVjdDo3N2Q3ZjM0MS1mNWUxLTQ2MzgtOWI4Ny1lMTEyNmJkYjIyY2Y= 2020-06-03T20:10:28.230584+00:00 Google’s Community Mobility Reports are aggregated location data showing the change in visits to places like grocery stores, parks, workplaces, etc. Big Local News takes a snap shot of this data whenever it is updated, which is typically once a week. The CSV files with "BLN" were processed by Big Local News with additional columns of data added such as rolling averages. All files are provided as one zipped file for easier downloading. The date in the file name represents the most recent data available from Google. Please read the README file for complete documentation. 1 Mobility_Google 2020-11-30T19:47:05.206000+00:00  
UHJvamVjdDo3NDQ0YTU5NC01MzlkLTQyZjktYTI3My0yMWE2MWRmMjE5MDE= 2020-03-18T23:39:51.622526+00:00 Data provided via a collaboration between The Accountability Project and Big Local News. This project provides and joins datasets pertinent to the COVID-19 pandemic: hospital location and number of beds by type, county-level population estimates by age (which can be linked to hospital data) and nursing home location and capacity. See README for additional information. 1 COVID_HospitalBeds_CountyDemographics_NursingHomes 2020-03-23T21:49:07.674000+00:00  
UHJvamVjdDo4NTBjOWJmYy03YzAyLTRkNDgtYjYzMS04OThhODFmZjQxNDQ= 2020-03-27T19:23:57.548111+00:00 The full text of tweets and selected Twitter metadata from the Twitter accounts of state and local public officials, as well as education and health agencies, since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. We begin with state governors with more data to come. Where possible, please cite Big Local News as collecting and disseminating this information. We ask because it helps us show the impact we can have and that makes it easier to create ongoing support for Big Local News. 1 COVID_twitter_data 2020-06-13T16:36:52.113000+00:00  
UHJvamVjdDowM2ZiMjA5NS03MzcxLTRjODEtOTMzNi05YTFiZGY2YWE2NDU= 2020-03-31T22:53:04.993458+00:00 Big Local News snapshots this data once a day from The Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering. These are daily reports which provide cases, deaths and recovered for all global locations as wells as United States counties. There is one CSV file for each day's report. The entire set of CSV files are refreshed daily. The zipped archives contain previous daily reports and are date stamped when they were uplaoded by Big Local News. Please cite Johns Hopkins University as described in the README. 1 COVID_Johns_Hopkins_daily_reports 2020-05-13T05:19:30.295000+00:00

COVID-19 Data Repository by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University

This is the data repository for the 2019 Novel Coronavirus Visual Dashboard operated by the Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering (JHU CSSE). Also, Supported by ESRI Living Atlas Team and the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab (JHU APL).


Visual Dashboard (desktop):<br> <br><br> Visual Dashboard (mobile):<br> <br><br> Lancet Article:<br> An interactive web-based dashboard to track COVID-19 in real time <br><br> Provided by Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering (JHU CSSE):<br> <br><br> Data Sources:<br> * World Health Organization (WHO): <br> * Pneumonia. 2020. <br> * BNO News: <br> * National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China (NHC): <br> <br> * China CDC (CCDC): <br> * Hong Kong Department of Health: <br> * Macau Government: <br> * Taiwan CDC: <br> * US CDC: <br> * Government of Canada: <br> * Australia Government Department of Health: <br> * European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC): * Ministry of Health Singapore (MOH): * Italy Ministry of Health: * 1Point3Arces: * WorldoMeters: * COVID Tracking Project: (US Testing and Hospitalization Data. We use the maximum reported value from "Currently" and "Cumulative" Hospitalized for our hospitalization number reported for each state.) * French Government: * COVID Live (Australia): * Washington State Department of Health: * Maryland Department of Health: * New York State Department of Health: * NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene: and * Florida Department of Health Dashboard: and * Palestine (West Bank and Gaza): * Israel: * Colorado:

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UHJvamVjdDoyMjYzOTRiYy1kMmNhLTRjMGItYjcxMC1jMjdhZDJjMTNiOTU= 2020-03-14T23:50:57.748127+00:00 AHA hospital beds data at state and metro areas provided by USA TODAY for use by journalists in Coronavirus reporting. Please cite the data from the American Hospital Association, U.S. Census, CDC and World Health Organization as the source of your analysis. If possible, in a tagline or credit of any story, share that "The figures come from a USA TODAY analysis of data from the American Hospital Association, U.S. Census, CDC and World Health Organization that was shared publicly via" We ask this because it helps us show the impact we can have and that makes it easier to create ongoing support for Big Local News. Questions can be directed to Jayme Fraser, USA Today or 1 AHA_Hospital_beds 2020-08-24T00:29:40.360877+00:00  
UHJvamVjdDphNjNlNjkwNy02ZTliLTQ4NDgtYTljYi1hOWI2ZTlmM2ZlYjc= 2020-03-13T19:55:17.790560+00:00 Data provided by Big Local News and snapshotted daily from the COVID19 Tracker, 1 COVIDtracking data archive 2020-12-03T05:16:15.100000+00:00  
UHJvamVjdDphYzdhMWIxMy04NjJhLTRkMzAtOThkMC0wODY3MTE5ZWIzNTU= 2020-03-13T22:16:49.234228+00:00 Data provided by Big Local News. Data from the National Health Security Preparedness Index. The overall index is useful for examining a state’s readiness in dealing with any number of issues. There also are specific metrics that directly relate to states’ abilities to respond to the Coronavirus pandemic. With that in mind, we have pulled out and processed key metrics -- from preparedness for surge testing to evaluating how many people in each state have access to paid time off. Our goal is to make it easier for journalists to access and analyze for their reporting. For more information, please start with the NHSPI_READ_ME file. Questions? Contact 1 National Health Security Preparedness Index 2020-08-24T00:38:11.176090+00:00  
UHJvamVjdDphZTM5NjdjMi04YmVmLTQzNDMtYTllMi02OTE1ZGZhNTk4ZDE= 2020-03-20T22:05:50.208150+00:00 Data provided via a collaboration between USAFacts and Big Local News. This is an ongoing effort to collect and distribute county-level data on confirmed coronavirus cases and deaths. Please cite USAFacts as the data provider. The three CSV files are the current version and will be updated daily around 8 a.m. The zipped archives are prior versions with a date stamp of when they were uploaded by Big Local News. See README for additional details 1 COVID_USAFacts_county_cases 2020-12-03T16:06:06.349000+00:00  
UHJvamVjdDpiMGVmMjIyYS0zNzE4LTRhZTgtYWJjNC1lNzA3M2M0MDFmZGQ= 2020-03-18T23:38:54.586268+00:00 This is the CDC's Social Vulnerability Index for 2018. It covers the entire nation at both the Census tract and county level. The index indicates the relative vulnerability of each Census tract or county. Social vulnerability refers to the resilience of communities when confronted by external stresses on human health, stresses such as natural or human-caused disasters, or disease outbreaks. 1 COVID_CDC_SVI 2020-03-19T01:40:59.554000+00:00  
UHJvamVjdDpiZGM5NmU1MS1kMzBhLTRlYTctODY4Yi04ZGI4N2RjMzQ1ODI= 2020-03-29T22:52:52.513905+00:00 Big Local News is collecting and updating WARN (layoff/furlough) notices from state government sites and is processing the data to make it more useable. So far, we are collecting and updating daily or weekly data from 36 states. A federal law -- the WARN Act (Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act) requires companies with more than 100 employees to give 60 days notice of any layoff, closure or furlough and 17 states have their own similar statutes. This data provides much more granularity into the types of jobs being lost and the companies that are furloughing workers, or that plan to close completely. A key note is that "unforeseen business circumstances" can mean that a company doesn't have to provide 60 days notice. For example, California has lifted that level of notice for its state version, or mini-WARN Act. Nonetheless, even though the advance time limit is flexible, companies still have to submit. Please cite the WARN data as collected by Big Local News. California data can be cited as collected and processed by Stanford journalism student Vanessa Ochavillo. This project includes a general README, a more specific README for California and a more specific file layout README that details the fields by state. Some states are missing but we are working to obtain the data or build scrapers. If you are interested in contributing, please let us know at 1 COVID_WARN_Notices 2020-12-03T00:23:07.928000+00:00  
UHJvamVjdDpkOWVkYTcyNi1iMDc4LTRmZjQtODU2My01ODRhNzIxMDdlOTc= 2020-03-31T22:29:52.354165+00:00 Big Local News snapshots this data daily from This is time series data for U.S. confirmed cases and deaths down to the county level. There are three CSV files released once a day: national-level data, state-level data and county-level data. Each file contains date, county/state name, FIPS code, number of confirmed cases, number of deaths going back to January 21. All data is gathered by New York Times reporters from state and local health departments or official government announcements. The data is updated once a day in the morning, usually around 8 a.m. EDT, with a full day’s worth of data from the day before. Please cite the New York Times as described in the README and check terms of use. 1 New York Times COVID data 2020-12-03T05:20:38.173000+00:00  

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